Board of Directors


Managing Director

A far-sighted individual with excellent business development skills with hands-on knowledge of directing the activities of all projects. Excellent knowledge of supporting the company’s strategic alliances and participating in marketing strategies. Hands-on experience of supervising employees across different departments in order to facilitate the process of production and marketing. In the field of finance and management A results-driven, self-motivated and resourceful director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. Experienced in leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organization. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders across the world.


Mr. Vipin Goyal

A visionary with over 25 verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid change environments.  Extensive experience with highly engineered systems, which require a deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries; highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments. He possesses excellent Marketing Skills and good ability to communication